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Mobile PCI Express Module provides you lower power with high performance
MXM, Mobile PCI Express Module is the English abbreviation. MXM PCI Express is a specially designed for notebook graphics interface designed to allow the notebook to quickly time to market and can be free with a suitable graphics solution. MXM specification by the industry's leading notebook and embedded system designers and manufacturers jointly developed will bring the mobile computer and embedded market, flexible, upgradeable, interoperable graphics card interface. 《More MXM Series products


Fanless cooling method provides robust and highly reliable solution
Fanless cooling method provides robust and highly reliable solution. Usually operate in the harsh environment, whether by land, sea or air equipment. Compared to ordinary products by cooling airflow, the heat conduction type can withstand wide temperature operating temperature, altitude, shock and vibration tests, and a longer mean time between failures (MTBF, Mean time between failures), meaning to for a long time normal operation without maintenance. 《More Fanless Series products


EmbPower's Performance Graphic Cards
EmbPower is providing the newest high performance graphic cards to maximize the system operation, and not only in provide high-resolution image rendering but in the parallel operation structure. It would have a good use of the system and give you a great experience in sight. 《More Performance Series products

Small Form Factor

The world's first NVIDIA Graphic card design for PCIe/104
This is the first graphic module in small formal factor that is supporting PCIe/104. The card can be stacked on PCIe/104 type 2 with PCIe x4. 《More Small Form Factor Series products

Multi Display

The highest quality and best choice of VGA cards used in multiple monitors
Using multi-Monitor that extended your vision in either gaming or playing video. It can be configured as clone-mode, multi-mode, Span or extended desktop mode or Hybrid Span mode according to the application. 《More Multi Display Series products